Love your job, not the company

Have you ever feel that you love your specialties, you love the software you open and use every day, you love to talk about the topic only you know best, you love everything but the people, the surrounding, your boss, your management, your colleagues… you just can’t look them in the eye.

The feeling of you have given all the best you can but there are still so many denials and disagreement that demotivates you. You have reached the edge of the world and you want quit.

Things like that happen all the time. The earth is spinning, the sun is shining, humans are breathing… Yes. Many things happen all the time, including good feeling and bad feeling about a company.

Sad to say but, love your job, not the company. (Well, unless the company is yours, just like your child, you will love him/her unconditionally)

Take this example:

The company introduces a “standard procedure”. When you look at it, there is a huge problem and you know it’s way deviated from the industry’s best practice.

Employee A: I will do what the company wants, just for the bank account to be filled again by the end of the month.

Employee B: I will try to correct the right from wrong. I will tell the management that they are wrong.

Eventually, Employee B will be the first to get out of the company. Either he can’t change the “standard procedure”, or the “standard procedure” can’t change him.

I believe there are many Employee B around. And they are all striving, juggling between the money and the correct things to do. After all, money is the priority for most of the working class.

But hey, take a step back.

When you love your job, you will do them unconditionally, no matter how late you stayed back after office hour, no matter how many times you have to rewrite the document, again and again, you will do them unconditionally, and the quality will always be excellent.

Meanwhile, if you only do what the company “wants you to do”, chances are the work you produce is only as per “standard procedure”. And the quality? Standard.

And when the time has come to test the value of both employee, the truth shall prevail.

Love your job, not the company.

Picture source from Pyeong Chang Winter Olympic medals

Picture source from Pyeongchang Winter Olympic 2018 medals.

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  1. Good write-up. There are loopholes in any system. Definitely, it will take time to be fixed. So, I agree – love your job, not the company.

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