Annoyed but funny

It has been a low profile year and right now here comes the season of extravaganza-ing-your-achievement again. I come from a straight-forward-thinking country and I *really* couldn’t understand how some people can elaborate their simple little work… so extravaganza-ly. Okay, I used the word TWICE just in the beginning sentence!

Back to the point. While there is a culture of “Tell Me About Me”, many people often think that there is absolutely no problem tellin’ off in one’s face anything, basically ANYTHING they think about that person, in a proper English language so that it is “considered” formal and professional. (it’s a local company and local speaks local language whenever they can, so if they are speaking “English” it means its “formal”.)

Well, to be honest, it is no harm telling someone to improve, for instance, please learn more proactively, please get exposed to more technically competent knowledge, please be more active in participating activities. You know, antisocials. But there are just somebody, SOMEBODY who thinks that they can even tell that you have an attitude problem. Oh, in fact, the whole sentences sounded like “You have attitude problem, despite good in technical skill, you WILL NOT be successful.” How does that sound?

Here is the point. Attitude, have no problem. Attitude is defined as point of view, frame of mind, way of thinking, perspective, standpoint, approach… (and more). But it has never been defined with a problem because every single person has their own point of view, frame of mind, way of thinking, perspective, standpoint, approach… and abide by the law, they are neither right nor wrong. The only negative definition I found Google-ing is “I asked the waiter for a clean fork and all I got was attitude”. Another one would be a figure skating move that looks like this:

Asada free skate attitude

Mao Asada’s attitude figure skating move.

Another good question would be: who is that person to judge your attitude? He is neither God nor your Dad.

If attitude problem is defined as “I don’t like the way you react on this”, then the situation goes like this: An employee went for help, seeking advice that needs immediate action from this superior, and what he got is “there is nothing I can do”. Then the employee went to the superior’s boss and seek help, same stuff, there is nothing he can do. So when desperate kicks in, employee extend his reach to another boss, which there is “something” she can do. Do you think the first and second superior still earn the respect from the employee? Everybody is human and you don’t have to answer.

There are always people who judge others, or in a more appropriate way to say, who BLAME others when things are not as per their plan. Even worst, these people who think they play God, are taking things so personal and skeptical until it reaches an unprofessional manner.

It is annoying to hear negative comments, but at the same time, it is funny to think, who are YOU to judge ME. Don’t let anybody belittle you just because of your amazing “attitude problem” 🙂