Festival of Light, Happy Deepavali

I started skating here in July recently. The first phrase that comes into my mind: “This is a huge rink!” And there are no shopping complexes around with crowds that look at how you skate like a clown… so, except for the unfinished construction outside the parking lot and the highway beams. well, it’s a good place.

Working with the whole lots of babies, we call them babies because they are so tiny and energetic. And the other young skaters, which are all so good and lucky to have the opportunity to skate at their age. Blessed.


I really like how this girl in blue skates, and her soundtrack, Transcendence by Lindsey Stirling.
Colourful costume with little bells.
The rink manager is so cool, Aizaruddin, sporting and cheerful, most of it, very positive despite all of the crazy things.

Coach Mirren and her Lays chips, and more little kids.

Festival of Light, Happy Deepavali!

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