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What makes him come back to his daily job

A friend of mine took a gap few months off from his daily moderately (or maybe highly) paid job. He claimed that he was not in his right mind and stressed out because of office politics. He was in anxiety mode and he had to leave or he would be on the newspaper frontcover for suicide.

He left, but at the end of the unpaid leave, he returned.

He was swift enough to gain a part-time job during his absence months, tutoring students for exams. Parents love him, he is smart and he can teach. Graduated Bachelor of Honour with exclusive CGPA, his profile suites the teaching academy since all parent strives to have their kids be like him.

Before his return, he have been asking all around friends and colleagues, should he return to this murk place again for any valid reason. Only his parent ask him to come back. Knowing this, I set the same situation to my mom and ask her opinion. Her answer, believe it or not, is the same as his parent.

What makes him come back

1. Consistant Confirmed Salary

Money is not everything but everything is money. Get a coffee, sit down, start work at 9 am, work on a document, start typing, hover the mouse, its lunch time. After lunch, sit back, continue typing, search for some other document, combine them, output numbers output text, its 6 pm. You are free to go and 200 dollars is in your pocket.

2. Pride

Multi-national high profile corporate organization, the title as an executive within a department, a special unit of a division. They just sounded so melodious. Agree or not, the airconized office setting, smart workstation desk, they are all luring you to stay in your cubicle safe and soundly and wait until the month is over while the bank is refilled again.

3. Corporate

Once I went to an interview for a international school teacher. The headmistress was very clear that the teaching world is very different than the corporate world. The main target is between student and executive. Students are merely a piece of white paper, you need to paint it to show them the way and guide them through life with utmost patience. I call it giving to society with no expectation. Executives, on the other hand, they know everything in the market, in fact, they may know more than you and you need to battle to sell your product well. It is plain marketing.

4. Benefits

Government savings. Government insurance. Health insurance. Other medical benefits. Annual leave. Marridge leave. Sick leave. Maternity leave. Paternity leave. Study leave. Hospital leave. ETC.

5. Stable

Daily job is a stable job. Monthly salary is a stable salary. Annual bonus is a stable bonus. At least you don’t have to worry about “tomorrow” until the company decided to release you.

What makes us stay

All the above.

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