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A laptop or a tablet?

These days, we can’t really survive without technologies. It’s around us like mushrooms popping up after the rain and it shall continue to conquer the whole universe! Bwahahahaha~ (reminds me of the Japanese anime BLEACH)

Tablets have been around for a while and they are getting more and more famous among the Millennials. Are they really necessary? What do you do with your tablets? Do you really need one?

If you are considering between a laptop or a tablet, this article by Mark Kyrnin might clear your doubt and help you decide on which is a better option for you.

Are you considering whether to get a windows laptop or a MacBook or a Chromebook? This article here seems to list down every pros and cons that you can ever imagine.

In fact, Telegram UK is more than generous to share with us “The Best Laptop for Everyday Use” which listed out for you to consider these laptops that are available in the year 2019:

One fun fact, we can all spend a whole fortune on phones, but we are too afraid of the expensive price tags on what is really needed in our life. Do you “need” it? or you just simply “want” it?

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