Bonjour le monde!

It took me more than 1 year to settle down with this blogging website. I took a step back and decided to stay low this year (2018/2019) probably to rethink about the future that I want, perhaps a press on the restart button, or a start of something new, after all, like what my inspirational blogger said:

You don’t get anywhere standing still.

by Justin,


I love travelling and I love doing plannings for travelling. Through this blog, I wish to share as much information that I have to all the hoomans who read my blog, regardless of good vibes or sad vibes, so that you may replicate the good ones and avoid the not very happy ones (Oops!).

안녕 세상!

I got in touch with the Chinese language from a very young age. I remember there was a time when I was so helpless while nobody at home reads Chinese, I needed my neighbour, who was an auntie from Taiwan, to teach me how to read the storybook so that I can do storytelling at school that very afternoon. But then I began mastering Chinese after that. Not to brag but I can read Chinese books 10 times faster than English books.


So, in the love of Chinese, I actually wanted to write everything in Chinese but I soon realized that I have to start with my friends as my readers, which most of them only understand English and Japanese. So I shall start with a universal language, and then adding some spice of Chinese into the paragraphs.

Hallo welt!

Anger is somewhat unavoidable these days because there are so many reasons to be angry with: the traffic, the job, the people, the weather, the cats, etc. But I shall try not to write in angry mode, words may come out easily while someone is not satisfied but those words are not objective nor they are constructive.

Hello world!

Figure skating is a big part of my world. I was introduced by Kim Yuna to figure skating during her 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Along with a good friend, we call her baby, we both enrolled in the weekend skating lesson. Everybody, eventually, will fall on the ice, but what really matters is to get up again and never give up.


Bonjour Le Monde